Beat the Boredom: Find It Enrichment Game

Colder months mean fewer opportunities for your dog to get outside and play. One of the best ways to keep your pup entertained and mentally stimulated is with a game of ‘Find It’.

Why play Find It?

Winter blues can lead to unwanted behaviors like chewing, excessive barking, and frustration. A game of “Find It” is the perfect remedy to beat the boredom and keep your dog happy and engaged. 

How to Play

Grab your favorite Pet Botanics treats and get ready to play. Dogs have a heightened sense of smell so using a highly aromatic treat like our Bacon Training Rewards is a great way to encourage nose work during the game. Start in a sit position and let your dog get a sniff of the treat. Then, hide the treat in an easy-to-find place. Release your pup and say “find it”. After a successful discovery,  be sure to reward with lots of love. As your dog becomes a pro, up the challenge!  Hide treats in trickier places or shift the game from inside to outdoors. For an extra twist, opt for a different treat like our enticing  Jerky Bites

Who is Find It good for?

  • Bored dogs that need to stay busy
  • Energetic dogs that need an engaging activity
  • Reactive dogs that need to redirect their focus from a trigger to a treat
  • Playful dogs that need an activity to keep them happy
  • Food-motivated dogs that need a tasty reward
  • Scent-motivated dogs that love nose work 

Integrating ‘Find It’ into playtime not only combats boredom but also presents an excellent chance to strengthen the bond with your dog.

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