How to Bond with your New Puppy

Welcoming a new puppy into your life is an exciting adventure full of precious moments and bonding opportunities. Beyond the belly rubs and cuddles, you and your furry friend should have a strong relationship built on trust and understanding. From morning routines to evening rituals, here are some everyday opportunities to deepen your bond.

Connecting with Routines

Dogs thrive on routine! Establishing a consistent daily schedule can help create a sense of security and trust for your pup. Be sure to start the day and feed at a set time to provide structure and stability. You can also include your dog in simple daily activities like morning yoga and after-work walks to make building routines a more natural process. Remember: consistency is key when creating lasting connections with your furry friend!

Connecting with Treats

Treats are not only a delicious reward for good behavior, but also a powerful relationship-building tool. Grab a bag of Pet Botanics Puppy Bites and make treat time extra special. Whether teaching a new trick or just spending quality time together, high-quality treats can help reinforce positive associations and strengthen your bond.

Connecting with Intentional Play

Playtime isn’t just about burning off energy; it’s also a valuable relationship builder. Whether it’s a game of ‘Find it’, fetch, or a challenging puzzle toy,  interactive activities that stimulate your pup both mentally and physically should be a part of your daily routine. 

Building a strong bond with your new pup takes time, patience, and dedication. Be present, be patient, and most importantly, be yourself. Your pup will appreciate your love and companionship more than you’ll ever know. So embrace every moment together, from the early morning snuggles to the late-night cuddle sessions, and watch as your bond with your furry friend grows stronger with time.

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